­­­The Mutual Fund fee can clean away all your retirement savings. So it’s better to consider the fees when investing in mutual funds because there is class system in the investment portfolio. Mutual funds are divided into share classes and every class has a different fee. In Mutual funds same funds with same manager, investment holdings and performance may come at a different cost due to the class level of the investment.

There is an annual fee for the mutual funds which is taken out from your investment each year and all mutual funds carry expense ratio. Expense ratio is charged as a percentage of your investment and the amount varies by the fund. The mutual fund share class shows that how a fund rates a sales charge. The cost is paid by you to the investment advisor or broker as a commission. There are multiple ways through which mutual fund sales charges can show up like upfront cost when you purchase the fund and a fee when you sell the fund.

Paying up the mutual funds fees is one of the biggest drains on your retirement savings. In order to keep the fees on your mutual fund investment low you must consider the expense ratio and load charges before you invest and don’t assume that an investment is inexpensive, even if offers a good value. Often the lowest cost options are index funds, exchange-traded funds or open-end mutual funds, which can be bought directly from mutual fund company.

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