The money invested by you in Mutual Funds now you need to pull out in order to fulfill your investment purpose. Before taking the exit decision there are few things needed to be considered.

It is highly recommended by the experts that hold your mutual funds investment for a long time until some unforeseen circumstances needs to be met with immediate financial liquidity from the asset class. It is due to fact that people pull out their money when they face any short term loss or gains but this could result in a heavy loss after all.

If you are in equity mutual fund investment, better you switch to a safe debt fund category before the maturity to avoid any abrupt losses if the market goes into the declining spree at a time when your mutual funds are about to get matured.

There should be a performance check before you sell of your investment. In case of short term losses there is no need to sell it off. Where there is a case when you are in continuous losses for about a year or so and there is nothing about the revival of the investment than you definitely needs to exit the investment.

The best advice is to keep a portfolio of 4-5 mutual fund schemes, having too many schemes will make it difficult to keep a track of the fund performance and you can also sell off the extra schemes that you do not suiting your overall portfolio.

You can also sell off your mutual fund holding when your financial portfolio twisted away from the decided on asset allocation plan. Moreover mutual funds schemes about to change as there are a change in investments pattern so it can be more likely chance that one scheme merges off with one another.

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