Personal Finance is the element of finance and it’s an individual ability to take monetary decision. It is all about budgeting, saving and spent money over a period of time considering the fact of financial risk and future events.

Income, savings, loans, investments, tax management, retirement plans benefits and etc. are all the mechanism of personal financing, therefore the need of personal finance management increasing and due to the increase in demand the industry is also growing.

Personal finance is all about self-management and setting up goals. There’s never been a shortage of temptations but sticking up to the budget is more important that’s why the personal finance industry is evolving every day from free to use applications to free finance software.

Due to the rise in technology and startups investment in fin-tech sector is increasing, technology based companies are taking over the old tradition method of financing and budgeting. Mobile apps are one of the key elements which are making lives easier. According to Statista USD267, 106M transactions value has been recorded in the personal finance sector, the highest value of transaction is being recorded in China which is around USD143, 409M. Moreover investment in fin-tech sector rise up to $4 billion in the third quarter of 2017. PwC report data shows that fin-tech startups funding has increased at a compound rate of 41% in the last four years and secured over $40 billion in investments.

Personal finance management is the key concern nowadays but thanks to technological solutions which helps people to manage their finances more easily. These tech gadgets is not going to make any one rich though it is all about managing the one’s money in a most effective and appropriate manner and having the knowledge of each and every transaction in order to educate people more about money management and set up goals according to their needs.

Top Personal Finance Apps

There are number of apps in the market which make it easy for the people to manage their finance set goals, track expenses and save money. These are the top personal finance apps 2015 by Business Insider.

1. Mint by Intuit is one of the top personal finance applications available in the market. It is a real time app it updates all your account in real time as long as you are connected to the internet, the app also automatically categorizes all your transactions, notify about bills and budget. Mint is also available on Web. Available on Android/iPhone.

2. Level Money is the mobile money meter, the app helps individuals about their daily spending and how much they can spend in a day, it provides day to day solutions to those who have very complicated structure of finance. The app mostly focuses on those who live on daily wages. Available on Android/iPhone.3. Digit is a saving app which helps users to automatically save money. The app automatically scans person spending and transfer a small amount to savings account. An app is for those who really want to save but can’t save. Available on Android/iPhone.4. Good Budget a time tested budgeting app which allow users to create different books into each categories and define budget for each book. The overall allocated budget can be tracked easily that how much the user is spending from each book in each category. Good budget is simple and easy to use application. Available on Android/iPhone.5. Wally an app to track all your expenditure in a timely manner you can view your transaction on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The specialty of Wally is that it automatically input all the details from the purchase receipt all you have to do to scan the receipt. It is an app to easily balance your income and expenses. Available on Android/iPhone.

Due to hundreds of startups happening all around the world, like rest of the countries Pakistan is also in that race of startups and competing in international forums. Just like the rest of the world Pakistan also investing in the fin-tech sector and the increase number in mobile subscribers have made possible for the startups to grow. There are plenty of startups in Pakistan who have the potential to dig out the big market share not just even in Pakistan but overall in ASEAN sector.

There are multiple startups which are trying to bring change in the society making lives easier for people and providing value in their product. Businesses in Pakistan are also focusing in the area of fin-tech in order to provide much better and reliable financial services to the community likewise many Technology firm aims to focus on personal finance management from spreading financial literacy to spending patterns.

Hysab Kytab

Jaffer Business Systems (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the leading and reputable technology companies in Pakistan providing high tech solutions to its customers and solving challenges in a creative way. The company also focused on promoting the startup culture and brings latest technologies and products into the market.

Hysab Kytab is one of the personal finance management application developed by JBS. It is a smart budgeting app which allows its users to smartly manage all of their personal finance in one place. The app lets its users to set up a budget in different categories, track their expenses on daily basis, view spending pattern with different breakdown categories, analyze spending patterns through interactive charts. Apart from the categories the overall budget can also be tracked easily plus it also automatically alerts the user when the budget exceeded.

App Features:

  • Set and track monthly budgets
  • Add day to day expenses and supervise it accordingly
  • Create savings goals

Hysab Kytab is a perfect money manager application available in the market. It is a tool which sets you free from all those money management hectic and save your time. Now your whole budget is at your fingertips.






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